• VOLUME/CTN.: 0.038CBM

    This product is a polymer agent, its PH is neutral, with high cleaning functions, no damage to the paint and no harmless to human body. Only need small quantity, after cleaning, your car will get the durable brightness. For long-term use, it will make the car with waxing and polishing functions. It is the environment-friendly vehicle cleaning shampoo, the sewage will be fully decomposed in the water, no pollution to the environment. It is suitable for hand washing and machine washing. Make your car newly every day.


    For machine washing, add the shampoo in the middle layer, dilute it with water at the ratio of 1:500, spray the foam on the car surface and clean it. For hand washing, dilute it with water at the ratio of 1:150. Put the clean towel together with the shampoo to wipe the car body, and the car will soon get the cleaning and polishing effects. No harm to human body and car paint, also no side effect to the irons.

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