• VOLUME/CTN.: 0.0124CBM
  • FLAMINGO ZINC COTE Galvanising Spray is used as a protective primer or final coating wherever iron or steel will be exposed to corrosive conditions. The spray film contains 95% zinc in very fine particles, which acts as the sacrificial anode. This eliminates atmospheric galvanic corrosion. Eliminates corrosion on welds and previously galvanised surfaces



    Weld through primer for the vehicle repair industry

    Primer prior to powder coating metal products

    Agricultural machinery, air conditioning units, fences mining and marine equipment



    Surfaces to be treated must be totally free of rust, oil, dirt etc. If necessary sandblast or clean with sandpaper prior to use. Shake can vigorously until agitator ball is freed, continue shaking the can for a further 30 secs. Hold can upright, spray 20cm away from surface.

    If more than one coat is required, allow time for drying before applying next coat. After spraying, it is essential to invert can and spray to clear actuator.

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