• VOLUME/CTN.: 0.019CBM

    Crystal Coating - the easiest coating for car. It will diffuse and form to coating rapidly once touch of water. One-person could finish coating for whole car in only 5 minutes. It’s a protective coating to Anti-Aging, Anti-Fouling, Anti-Acid Rain, Water-Repellent and Anti-Light Scratch. 

    Enhance the Brightness of Car Paint: It will form a crystal clear coating to enhance the brightness of car paint.

    Anti-Fouling: High-molecular polymer covers on the paint surface to form a protective film. Car will bright as new after each washing.

    Anti-Oxidation: Crystal Coating forms a protective coating on car paint surface to isolate the air, it is a safe material for car paint. And it never oxidize by itself.

    Anti-UV: After coating, it prevents car paint from ultraviolet irradiation, delay car paint aging.

    Heat Resistance, Anti-Acid Rain: Crystal Coating is infusible and heat resisting. The unique anti-acid components will prevent the coating surface from corrosion.

    Water-Repellent: Water will move rapidly on surface after coating.


    1. Clean the surface (mainly apply for car paint and glass) thoroughly.

    2. Shake the product evenly and spray it on the surface.

    3. After spraying, wipe in one-way with a soft towel directly, until the finish surface is bright evenly.

    4. Note: This product cannot be used on front windshield. To avoid direct sunlight in construction. Spray and wipe during construction. 

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